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Bring Bio-Logic to life and then descend into the human body and learn what it takes to survive this strangely familiar micro-universe.


Reign of the Gods

Summon Your legions and dominate the battlefield of the Gods! Utilize unique soldiers, spells and abilities. Traverse randomly drawn terrain, events, and locations in this short format Player vs Player free for all.


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Reign Of The Gods

Most Gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out til too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along. ~~ Terry Prachet


Reign of the Gods is the first passion project created by Gaia Game Studios. Inspired by the strategic and tactical games of the past, RotG brings the nostalgia of classic fantasy and combines it with the energy and innovation of the future. In RotG you control of 1 out of the 5 Gods, in competition, for rule over the heavens. Taking place in a world geared for combat, you summon your allies, cast spells, alter the environment, and work with the ever changing modular events/towns/traps to establish your reign as the King of the Gods.


But the beauty found in Reign of the Gods, is the simple progress driven mechanics. These mechanics allow for anyone, regardless of their tabletop history, to jump in and play. RotG works on a turn by turn point system that allows players to learn as they go, allowing less experienced players from being wiped out of existence to easily. The game starts with a bang and rewards those who quickly envelop the land. But with the randomly generated board interactions, the tides of battle can shift at any moment.




Reign of the Gods concept Map


Reign of the Gods may be the first passion project, but it also the largest at the moment. RotG is a hex based strategy game that includes over 100 pieces of custom artwork and nearly 30 customized miniatures, so their is much to do in the art department. While this is our very first baby, and we continue to work on it whenever we get the chance, any support would go a long way and helping Reign of the Gods to Become a reality. So please visit our Patreon and help support the creation of our art assets, to get this game into the hands of those eager to play. Your support will go directly towards the artists and developers who work tirelessly to create the most enchanting experience we can offer.


Come visit us in our Reign of the Gods development thread below. We will be posting up concept art, design specs, and all sorts of fun and interesting progressions for Reign of the Gods. We are here not only to make our passions come to life, but to show how it is done. Gaia Game Studios is about creating games and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. What better way to show that, then allowing you to participate in its development. Its not only our goal to have Gaia Game Studios create our passions, but to give everyone the insight needed to create their own passions.

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