Meaningful Creation, Impacting the World

Impact the World with Creativity!

Meaningful creation is a concept that often crosses the mind of artists and creative people. How can what I do, positively effect people beyond entertainment and escape. We all want to benefit the world in a positive way. However, coming from a fantasy and game design background, that does not always seem possible. But I have said it many times before, you never know where your creative talents may lead you. So stay open to possibilities and meaningful opportunity will come knocking like they have for me and Gaia Game Studios.

An Unlikely Hero

There is a message for the image I have posted this week, and meaning, if you will. Sam the Smasher was a character thought up and designed by some of the newer members of Gaia Game Studios. Its reason for creation was to promote awareness of the heroin epidemic that is plaguing our society. Sam did not evolve beyond the sketch phase at that time. The design however,  I finished in my spare time to share with you. But, the meaning it holds, in addition to its anti-drug message, is that one can use creativity for positive change in the world.

Art Can Make a Real Difference

We are not limited by our jobs as much as we think. In reality, this simple character design, strong in purpose, started a chain reaction that lead to Gaia Game Studios’ first outside game collaboration. A few old friends and newly found trusted allies came to us with an idea that could potentially help a lot of people. This idea, was to create a game that could meaningfully ease people into the world of recovery.  The concept was born from a need by people who lived in that realm and wanted to make a difference. And because of that, my “entertaining and imaginative” career in illustration and game design found an opportunity to really make a difference. So if you or anyone you know has a problem with addiction, then keep your eyes and hearts open. We may have something that can help, stay posted.

Now, you all know a little bit about another project we have swirling in the mix. But, you also, can see how a career in any direction has the potential to make a positive impact on the world. Just keep yourself open and sooner or later that time may come for you to enrich the lives of others in a way you would never imagine.