Thanks and a Board game Giveaway!!

We Hit 2000 Fans!!

We here at Gaia Game Studios are so grateful for everyone who has followed, shared and subscribed. When we started, it was nothing more than a dream and a little faith. But since that day, we have seen our fans across all platforms grow and grow. It’s hard to imagine that anyone these days would get all hyped up over 2k fans. Especially with those out there who earn millions of views a day. But, for us, this is a huge milestone! The fact that you amazing people, from all across the world, have decided to follow gives us so much strength to keep pushing forward to success. Without your encouragement, non of this would be possible and we want to just say thanks. So here’s a pic with some fun seahorse, cause who doesn’t love seahorses :). Just kidding….we also want to show our appreciation by putting together a board game giveaway!

Board Game Giveaway!!!

That’s right, one extra exclamation point for the fact that we finally get to give back, to you! Because of all the love we have got over the last couple months, we want to give back by offering up a board game giveaway! We have three games that we will be giving away to some lucky fans, and they aren’t some cheapies either :). It’s going to take us probably a week or so to get the contest together, so for all of you who already follow us, keep your eyes open. Thank you so much again for supporting us in whatever way you have. Remember to share and like all we got, so that we can continue offering more and more. You have our love and appreciation.

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