Utilize Your Strengths When Developing

We all have our own unique ways of going through life and finding insight or meaning. We also, all have a certain level of drive to bring what we love to those we care about. But how does one take that first step from nothing to something? What do you do with inspiration when it hits? Where do you go with the idea, who do you take it to? And how can it actually turn into something real that you can share with others? I feel the best way to shed some light on this is to tell a little bit about Biologic, and how it developed from a sit down between Andrew and Josh, to what it is growing into today.

Andrew Gaia The Courage of Youth

It all started with a few ideas that utilized our strengths, Andrew being a visual artist and Josh having a vast medical knowledge. No part of the project was together, and nothing said about how it would work other than some vague mechanic ideas as well as some thoughts on theme. So how did it evolve? Two words…the shower (aka time and space).

After sleeping on all the ideas and thoughts we had been discussing the night before, I (Andrew) went to take a shower with all the cluttered mess running through my head. It mashed with all the board games I have worked on and all the others that I have played. And it just hit me, the idea to create a game where the players worked together to take down a body from the inside. I borrowed some ideas from one game or another, only to totally scrap it and work from another angle. Josh was developing rules in sync with the way the body actually works and we began to adapt from the worlds greatest source of inspiration, real life.

Josh would throw ideas at me and I began to adapt them visually to the game. The board started as a circle, then a body, then it became tiles, there were cards, then no cards, then a million other options. At this point I was not worried about getting it right and more concerned with just putting something down on paper. As a visual artist, I know that sometimes you have to simply throw things at the canvas until what you want begins to appear. I was not attached to any particular idea and let the game evolve as we discussed further and further how everything would work out.

So with countless sketches, writings and notes (always put things down for reference), the game began to pull all the best features from each iteration. We soon had the perfect combination of visual reference and factual behavior that would work together to allow Biologic to develop. The idea went from a collection of thoughts, to a tangible idea that could be explained, tested and enjoyed.

We had ourselves a game, that someone could actually play. We took the idea, utilized our strengths and kept pushing until something emerged. Did we know where it would end up, no. That is all it takes to get your idea from the brain out into the world. You take your strengths and individual knowledge and apply it to your end goal, constantly adapting as you go. It does not matter what those strengths are, chances are your passions, education and abilities can be utilized if you keep your mind open and put down as many thoughts as you can. Soon enough, it will begin to work together and you will have yourself something to play with and explore. It’s not about getting things perfect the first time, it’s about getting something out there and molding it as you grow in knowledge and experience.

So if you have an idea and want it to become a reality, just start. Then keep going. Have fun, explore, discuss, write, draw, think and do everything you can to take part of who you are and put it towards what you want. It can be hard, it can be frightening, but in the end you are stronger for it and your project will get stronger as well.

~~~Andrew Gaia