And So It Begins

With a ton of work and effort, we are excited to finally say hello to Gaia Game Studios.

It has always been a dream of the Gaia brothers to create and play within the worlds of fantasy and science fiction that entertained us so much growing up. And finally, after 30+ years we have gathered up enough resources and experiences to bring that dream to life. It has not always been an easy road and is still riddled with challenges and blocks that continue to push us to grow and expand our knowledge. But this very post marks the opportunity we now have to bring all the fantastic and amazing ideas we have, to you.

I just want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way and supported us as we pushed on with our dreams, never giving up. The truth is, that in these strange times it is those who support us that give us strength and courage and without you none of this would have been possible.

So I want to welcome everyone to Gaia Game Studios. A place for people to create, explore and develop. A place where insight and innovation are admired and support and care are encouraged. The stage is set and the doors are opened, so lets create some joy and have fun doing it. We hope to share with you all that we can about developing, creating and evolving the business of creation and the games we love. Its all about promoting everyone and sharing what we have so that we all can take part in making dreams come true for ourselves and others who want to explore life through the majesty of imagination.


See you around!