Bio-Logic is Coming Soon!

We are so close to finishing our

new board game Bio-Logic!

Bio-Logic, our first new board game, is coming soon and we could not be happier. After countless hours of creating documents, testing theories, applying changes, manipulating art, discussing design, testing mechanics, researching manufacturing, planning distribution, promoting, working with our fans, and planning our campaign we are finally in the home stretch. What does that mean…….Bio-logic will be hitting the world Spring 2017, and we are pumped.


Contest progress

On top of all that exciting board game news, the support and energy around our Board game Giveaway is adding some sweet sweet nitro to our tanks. To see how many of you wanted to share in our delights is just a peek into what we will all be able to do together. It is you, who gives us the extra drive to keep pushing forward and create the very best experiences we can.  So this is just another opportunity to say thank you and to let you know how much we appreciate the support for Gaia Game Studios and Bio-logic.

Plus…..Some new faces and

new projects for the future 🙂

Bio-Logic spinalchordfinalBio-Logic avulsion

On top of all the great things that have just past we have a lot more coming soon besides Bio-Logic. We have 2 new members to the studios. And they are opening the flood gates to an ever wider range of developments. The first new member is Jeff Brown a published author and ex code breaker for the military. He has been working with some of our other members to create a game that could positively affect the lives of countless people. It is a game that enables anyone to get a grasp on recovery from addiction in any form. With it, someone suffering can ease their apprehension into a new way of living. It also creates a way anyone can understand the challenges loved ones must overcome. Honestly, it is evolving into a beautiful game that we are chomping at the bit to start putting out there.

But, that is not all…..

In addition to these first couple projects/teams, we have joined forces with Andrew Fayash, a game designer and programmer that races professionally in his free time. Together we have already began a new gaming channel on YouTube that focuses on classic and indie games in development called Two Drews. We should have it connected with the site shortly. But on top of that, he is spearheading the development of a new digital game that combines the seamless design, .creature collection and old school style graphics.

So keep those eyes open as we being to share more info about these endeavors. Gaia Game Studios, Bio-Logic and our ever growing team of amazing professionals really mean it when we say we have a lot coming soon and could not be more thrilled.