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Bring Bio-Logic to life and then descend into the human body and learn what it takes to survive this strangely familiar micro-universe.


Reign of the Gods

Summon Your legions and dominate the battlefield of the Gods! Utilize unique soldiers, spells and abilities. Traverse randomly drawn terrain, events, and locations in this short format Player vs Player free for all.


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A descent into the human body where you embody uniquely engineered Super-Bugs battling for resources, resisting natural bodily defenses, manipulating your environment and competing for total domination.

The human body is strange, flawed and unpredictable. The human body has many secrets, and it does not divulge them to anyone, except those who have learned to wait. ~~~Paul Auster

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Not many know the chaotic and volatile universe found within our own bodies. The struggle for perfect balance forces all living things into a constant battle for survival. Bio-Logic transforms you into the smallest of organisms for an all new experience in micro warfare.

Expand and navigate the inner body as you race to infect the world to your side. Build your chosen “Super-Bug” to be the strongest, the most resilient and the most versatile. Fight against opposing players and the bodies natural defenses. Ultimately, amass your stats and face off against your opponents to determine the winner. In Bio-Logic, you truly experience and hopefully survive the what is taking place inside all of us, right now!


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In Bio-Logic, you embody a genetically engineered microscopic “Super-Bug”, fighting over a host body (6 unique types). Explore the modular inner body to battle against vital organs (enemies), resist scientific remedies (effects), and cultivate new traits (abilities). Unveil the world and use its natural defenses disable your foes or boost your chances of success (area modifiers). Navigate your “Bug” to develop faster and stronger than you opponents. Fight your way to the most vital organs then face off against your foes and become the only “Super-Bug” to dominate and survive.


• 6 Player Characters With Specialized Innate Abilities and Strategies

• Custom Exploration Based Stat Building System

• Race to Infect Your World with Multiple Approaches to Victory

• Player vs Player Infection, Enabling Theft and Bug Disruption



• Tiered Decks to Expand the Board and Manipulate its Development

• Additional World Gained Special Abilities

• Area Effecting Modifiers Alter Gameplay Mid Flow

• A Final Player Showdown To Determine The Ultimate Survivor



[ezcol_1third]Neural Network ~ Tier 3 Boss – Bosses boost all other enemies within the body, put into play at your own risk.[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Virus ~ Player Tile – 1 of 6 Player choices with unique abilities [/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Brain ~ Tier 3 Boss – Before the Final Showdown between players, all bosses must be infected.[/ezcol_1third_end]



Brain Preview

Bio-Logic Gets more Reviews and Mentions

The People Have Answered!

Bio-Logic was officially released on Kickstarter June 8th. Click here to venture in. If you were unsure if you wanted to back Bio-Logic, or have a few friends who are on the fence, we have some new reviews to sway you :). While we were off spreading the word, there were a bunch of things going on behind the scenes. We had games out testing, rules being reviewed and edited and a bunch of other fun stuff. On top of that their have been a few changes that streamlined the game for all who will get to play. But this article is about sharing some of the reviews and opinions from those other than ourselves, good stuff right? So without further ado, time to share..

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Launched! Bio-Logic on Kickstarter!

We have launched!

Click to the Campaign Here!

By some strange internal workings, Bio-logic managed to launch early. Without hesitation, it has been spreading and slowly consuming all that encounter it. Gaia Game Studios could not be happier at all the wonderful responses we have been getting for Bio-Logic. All the hard work, effort and risk that went into creating this dangerous beast of a product is growing beyond our control. We want to thank all of you who managed to spot the early launch, and ask that you help spread the word. It is doing great so far but we have a long way to go. But together we can take over the world!!

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4 Days Until Launch ~ Bio-Logic

Coming June 8th Bio-Logic: Microscopic Warfare!

4 days until the Bio-Logic launch, on Kickstarter! We at Gaia Game Studios could not be happier. We finally get to announce Bio-logic will be hitting the beloved crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on Thursday June 8th. For those of you who don't know what Kickstarter is, it's a time sensitive crowdfunding platform. This platform helps independent creators fund their projects through public support/pledges. Essentially,  someone pledges money to our project and if we earn the campaign goal in 30 days, that money is used to manufacture and ship the game. So, those of us without massive financial backing depend on our supporters to aid in bringing our dreams to life. If you have been keeping up with us or just want to support our aspirations go on over to Then get yourself setup, so you can be sure to get your limited first print copy of Bio-Logic starting Thurs.

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