Visual Development and Testing Progress for Bio-Logic


As the Dust Settles

Visual development and testing has been evolving as project Bio-Logic begins to hit the last leg of development. It is so exciting to see the details begin to show themselves as we make our way to the final stretch of development. Honestly, along the developmental way, there have been so many strides, pitfalls, obstacle, hiccups, leaps and bounds, that its almost unbelievable how much work goes into creating a new game. But at the same time it is amazing just how much gets done by simply showing up and doing the work. So whether its visual design or some game play or rule testing, keep showing up and putting in the effort and your to-do list will begin to shrink.












I just want to take the opportunity to discuss the visual development and rule updates since the last discussion. We have put forth quite a bit of information over the last moth to testers and reviewers of all kinds to hone in on our final look and flow for Bio-Logic. Because, in the end, it is the players and not our small group that determines whether something will work or not. And there comes a time where you must find out, from others, whether your project is a flop or a success. But just like showing up and doing the visual development, the game itself must show up and perform for its audience.

So, we are very happy to say that Bio-Logic is final out of its middle limbo stage and into the home stretch. There’s quite a few visual tweaks that we still want to do as well as some new ideas we are tossing around for release. But the gameplay has been holding up quite strongly, with only little tweaks here and there to balance things out. What does that mean……we have only one more revamp to put through the system before we start pushing hard to get Bio-Logic into your hands. Thanks so much for everyone who has helped out so far and we are looking forward to keeping everyone posted as things are really picking up steam.