Launched! Bio-Logic on Kickstarter!


We have launched!

Click to the Campaign Here!

By some strange internal workings, Bio-logic managed to launch early. Without hesitation, it has been spreading and slowly consuming all that encounter it. Gaia Game Studios could not be happier at all the wonderful responses we have been getting for Bio-Logic. All the hard work, effort and risk that went into creating this dangerous beast of a product is growing beyond our control. We want to thank all of you who managed to spot the early launch, and ask that you help spread the word. It is doing great so far but we have a long way to go. But together we can take over the world!!

On top of that we just got our first official review from the guys over at Unfilteredgamer. Mike did a fantastic job summarizing Bio-Logic so that more people can understand and experience life as a microscopic Bug. So take a look at what we have created and head on over to the kickstarter and back. We cant do this without you!