Eye Candy for Bio-Logic and A Sticker Sale

Bio-Logic Progress Update

Time flies when your having fun….or when there’s 7 million things to do…. Luckily we are past that now and have some exciting news for everyone. Bio-Logic is finally in the last leg of development before we launch our KickStarter. We have the last prototype components floating over to us from around the world. We are lining up professional reviewers and testers. We’re getting the final video production wrapped up and the KickStarter Campaign is almost complete. Our manufacturing quotes are getting sorted and…. remember the 7 million things…just imagine them listed here because who wants to read all that. Needless to say, it has been a crazy 2017 so far and we could not be happier with the progress. So I though I would share with a nice overview pic of Bio-Logic to spark imaginations and….

Sticker Sale!


We are happy to announce we have a few stickers on sale …..well because, we love making these little guys. But that is not all, there is a reason for the sticker sale. We are assisting in the development of a recovery based board game. Its aim is to help from those suffering from addiction, both fresh into the challenge and those wishing to create an even better life with their sobriety. In addition this game is able to bridge the gap of understanding for their friends and families so that people who are ready to face their challenges will have more support than ever before. So to keep things nice and short, all the proceeds from the sticker sale will go towards the development of that game, which is now within grasp of publication. We want to thank you for all your support so far and for granting us the opportunity to positively affect people in such a wonderful way.

So grab a sticker and keep your eyes open for all the wonderful things that are going to be pouring out.