Creation with Limitation and more Bio-Logic Art!

Creativity in the face of Limitations

I was asked, not long ago, about the challenges of creation with limitation when building a career in the creative field. More specifically, how does one hold on to their creative integrity when being requested to hit specific styles or time limitations. Many of us come into the field because we have 1 or many creations inside of us that we want to unfold first hand. But along the way we find ourselves in positions to take on work or develop a style that is outside of that original vision. So, do you suck it up and just do what the clients want or do you push forward with what you think is best and hope that you do not offend?

Bio-Logic dislocation

The answer is both. While we are tirelessly twiddling away at our own creation or passion, we forget that our clients are often working on theirs. Just as you feel apprehensive on your path at times, so does your client. This is may be the reason many limitations are put in place in the first place. They are trying to protect their vision, and so are you, don’t forget. So with that in mind, the solution is simple, work together! They want to create the best possible project out there and you want to put the best possible work. Connect with your project lead on this account, and the creation you form together will be far greater. Ask questions, outline new directions, throw ideas out there. Sketch a few extra thumbs mixing styles, and compare your thoughts. A few more emails, messages or phone calls and both of your efforts can go from good to fantastic.


How about working with determined clients?


What if there is no time and they don’t want to listen to your thoughts? Then learn within the limitations they set. Learn to work with a simplistic style, strange colors or backwards compositions and your abilities only grow. Not to mention, your ability to work with challenges increases tremendously. Then, when that day comes where you have to work in the worst possible situation. You get to stand tall because those struggles have all been overcome in your past. So next time you are presented with some limitations, use them for creation!


Work your own Creation with Limitation

Bio-Logic adrenalin

lets not forget that we should sometimes set limitations on our own projects, if we ever hope to see them come to fruition. All of these art updates for Bio-Logic are a perfect example. I would love to spend 20 hours on each of the 80+ pieces needed for the project. But that is just not possible, not when a big portion of the dream is to get this project into the hands of others. So I have to set a limitation on my time and how much I can spend on each piece. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Creativity is problem solving, and what is the worst way to solve problems? Sit around endlessly thinking about them. By working creation with limitation on my own creations for this project I am learning. In fact, we can learn far more about composition, value, utilizing limited color schemes, quick decision making by utilizing simple limitations..

So even if you are working towards your own perfect creation, put a couple limitations here and there. You will be amazed at what you mind can do when pushed to its limits. And when you come out on the other end, you will have a whole new wealth of ability that you can utilize whenever you want!