BoardGame Art Developments for Bio-logic!

I am delighted to be posting up the first development update for Gaia Game Studios and Bio-Logic, our flagship boardgame making its way to kickstarter. Honestly after so much paperwork and fact filing, the opportunity to paint out some really fun, and colorful illustrations is a mini dream come true. I love being a visual designer!


In Bio-logic, the boardgame, you expand outward on different tiers of randomly drawn tiles. Each tier can contain “enemy/effect/ability” tiles all with a unique requirement, skill and rewards that may effect the players or other tiles. But, in our test runs we realized that not having some standard “start” tiles could cause a bottleneck right at the beginning of the game. So we developed 7 initial tiles to get things going without any wavering. So its seems perfect that the start of Gaia Game Studios in the public world has the very same beginning. And if you keep track of my short little descriptions, you might be able to piece together the rules before I get the official ones out.

[envira-gallery id="762"]

For the style and look of the boardgame, we have been aiming to utilize real medical descriptions with somewhat abstract design aesthetics. The results ended up being very fun and colorful, especially for something that has to do with blood and guts. As the game plays out more tiles with a variety of attributes and colors will begin to unfold. The first batch, obviously, has the least requirements and abilities, but they were a blast to paint none the less. Let me know what you think, we love getting feedback and hearing your opinions.

So here is the first batch of Bio-Logic, the strategic inner body game of domination! We will also be welcoming any desires to join the Gaia’s Guru’s program to get first invite for game testing. Simply email us at with Gaia’s Guru’s in the subject and We will add you to the list. In addition, all Gaia’s Guru’s member will be offered opportunity to win free games, prints, merchandise and other sweet stuff.