BoardGame Bio-logic Player Development Part 1

Bio-Logic has Mutated!

Boardgame development is such a strange beast. There are so many areas to develop at any given moment. In reality, the further we dive into project development, the more we realize it is an organic process. Every thread of progress ties into every other area. When you create art, you think of design, which ties into gameplay, then it spirals back down to mood, which must encompass the theme. When we think of advertising, we think of a single project, then the company’s mission, then the intended audience and the roles we all must play. It’s all weaving together and building off itself as we grow. So it makes a perfect sync to have our first published game be an homage to this organic process.

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So for today, we want to share the development of the roles you play in Bio-Logic. The player tiles and their corresponding pieces act as new lives and new experiences for everyone who plays any boardgame. I seized the chance to show some player roughs earlier in the progress. Now we have some concept work for the 3D models we want to share, as well as some updated tile cards. As you can see the development of the 3D models has influence the development of the art.


The Dance of Creation

There is much more to development then refining individual ideas. A designer must keep the entire project uniform as not to alienate or confuse players. Its much like developing a work of art. On one hand you must go in to get the proper amount of detail for each individual area of the piece. But, on the other hand, you must constantly take account of the entire work, as a whole.

It is a delicate dance to go back and forth without losing sight of the overall goal. However, the more you practice, the easier and more pleasant it becomes.  So, if you are thinking of starting your own project, then start the dance. It might be clumsy and you might even step on a few toes. However, in time, you will find yourself gracefully exploring new motions without any resistance. You will be part of the dance, and that will inspire you more than anything.