BoardGame Bio-Logic Player Development Part 2

Development and Specialties

During development, especially with our dream projects, we like to think we know what is best at all times. These projects are, after all, our babies that we develop and grow. But the truth is, you have to find others with skills and abilities outside and above/below your own. It is not just coming up with a good ideas, but finding groups that can see your vision and execute or dismantle it with accuracy and reliability.  An important part to finding and growing a group is recognizing your own shortcomings and being able to admit where you need help. Even when working alone, it’s still important to have others see what you do so they can recommend from an outside point of view.

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Going through the development of player characters, for Bio-Logic, has opened my eyes, even more, to the value others can bring. People who are experts at game design, art, graphics, or strategy are an obvious choice. However, do not forget the importance of individuals with no ability in your field whatsoever.

Often, the best ideas were generated by discussing projects with small children. Sure their opinions are often clouded in a sea of gibberish. But, you have to be the one to seek the gold within. Can they sit through your description without passing out from boredom, or play without running away screaming with frustration? Do they want more “awesome” and demand more “cool stuff”? Open the door to assistance in whatever form it takes. The truth is, you are not the master of everything. If someone is willing to help, utilize them, and let them know they are greatly appreciated. The point of creation is to share, and the more people you can positively effect with your dreams, the better.