Bio-Logic Now Color Blind Friendly!

New Icons Open the Door for the Color Blind

We have introduced new icons to Bio-Logic that allow those with color blindness to play. I love it when a plan comes together! When originally designing for Bio-Logic, we knew that the core game would be very color heavy, and that it could potentially push the color blind away from playing. However, one should always take the time to revisit any option that opens the door for more people to enjoy your game. In this instance, solving the color blind problem ultimately sparked a solution that makes the game easier to read in general. So now we have quick read icons that all players can use to ease themselves into Bio-Logic.

[envira-gallery slug="colorblind-icons"]

Here you can see the 7 new icons that represent each board tile in Bio-Logic. They help anyone to quickly recognize each tile, without needing to see the colors. But on top of that, using the icons to help describe the type of tile, will solidify understanding of the mechanics as well. It really is amazing how game design takes us down all these unforeseen paths, so much fun.