Bio-Logic June 8th Campaign Launch!

Its Official, Campaign Launch June 8th!

Bio-Logic’s Kickstarter Campaign Arrives June 8th! On top of that we have the rules to share right here ~~~ Bio-Logic Rule Preview 🙂. So dive in and see what this crazy game is all about. Shoot us your questions, comments, insights and thoughts here on social media or email…. After all, Bio-Logic was designed to give you a new experience and opportunity to adventure like you have never done before. And all of that starts the second you dive in with the rest of us unruly “Super-Bugs” and start exploring. Thank you so much again for all your wonderful support.



More exciting updates! We have recently send out Bio-logic for some wonderful preview action, including blog and video previews. Those will trickle on down to you as soon as we get the official release of all that wonderful goodness. On top of that we have a few new contests in the works, so if you haven’t already, hit up our newsletter and get notified first for your chance to win.