Board Game Development Bio-Logic, The Heart and Mind

Its Alive!…..Well Almost

Bio-logic is continuing development of its heart and mind. The design and illustrations are coming together at a steady pace. The first public release of the rules are on their way. While their is still a lot to do, we want to open the door to anyone to test out Bio-Logic. The first print and play version is nearing completion. Simply shoot us over an email at and let us know you are interested in testing. In addition, 1 randomly selected tester will receive a free copy of the Bio-Logic prototype. Their is only a few of these designated for production, so if you want in, better hop on that now :). Most of all, we want to reward our first supporters with this rare opportunity for a non-public version of the game.

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Therefor, it is perfect timing to put up the heart and mind of biologic, literally, to indicate the progress we have made. The Heart illustrations represents all the care and feeling we have been putting into the development. Where the brain represents all the consideration and deep meditation going into every action and implementation. Yeah, we like to have fun and make stuff up. That’s the best part of being a creative, right?

Finally, we hope to hear from you and also, remember to share with you friends so that we can make this a success when it goes to kickstarter. In the end, it will be your help that carries us into more possibilities and without it all of this could crash and burn. So thank you everyone, so far, who has liked, subbed, and all that good stuff. Because, you are what give us the steam to continue pushing towards our goals.