Bio-Logic Gets more Reviews and Mentions

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The People Have Answered!

Bio-Logic was officially released on Kickstarter June 8th. Click here to venture in. If you were unsure if you wanted to back Bio-Logic, or have a few friends who are on the fence, we have some new reviews to sway you :). While we were off spreading the word, there were a bunch of things going on behind the scenes. We had games out testing, rules being reviewed and edited and a bunch of other fun stuff. On top of that their have been a few changes that streamlined the game for all who will get to play. But this article is about sharing some of the reviews and opinions from those other than ourselves, good stuff right? So without further ado, time to share..

The goods 🙂

Here we have our first video review from Mike and the team over at unfiltered gamer. We are delighted about their input and could not be happier about the issues he brought up in this video….why? Because we have already been working to resolve them (Reworking for the colorblind and restructuring the rules to make it easier to learn). So go ahead and check it out, and get yourself a better understanding of Bio-Logic!

The second review on the table is from Tahsin over at BoardGameQuest. You can find that article here. There are some really great insights found in the article that really showcase Bio-Logic and how easily it can fit into the middle spot of your gaming library. Here are just a few…”Where Bio-Logic really stands out is the fast, tile-laying, take-that gameplay.”….and…”.Bio-Logic is a title unlike many other games.”. As you can see, we set out to create a game that was different and deep, but did not consume your life to learn or play. And it appears we hit the mark :).

On top of that we got another mention from our friends at Chris, Josh and Kitty. Keep your eyes posted on them for some more goodies in the future :). You can find that podcast here to learn even more about Bio-Logic.