4 Days Until Launch ~ Bio-Logic


Coming June 8th Bio-Logic: Microscopic Warfare!

4 days until the Bio-Logic launch, on Kickstarter! We at Gaia Game Studios could not be happier. We finally get to announce Bio-logic will be hitting the beloved crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on Thursday June 8th. For those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is, it’s a time sensitive crowdfunding platform. This platform helps independent creators fund their projects through public support/pledges. Essentially,  someone pledges money to our project and if we earn the campaign goal in 30 days, that money is used to manufacture and ship the game. So, those of us without massive financial backing depend on our supporters to aid in bringing our dreams to life. If you have been keeping up with us or just want to support our aspirations go on over to Kickstarter.com. Then get yourself setup, so you can be sure to get your limited first print copy of Bio-Logic starting Thurs.

Project Updates

We have just finished a round of revisions on the rules to update the layout and flow. The team over at Unfilteredgamer has been helping to fill in some gaps and they are proving to be an invaluable resource for this rather technical side of development. On top of that, we have some really fun banners to help us spread the word. Here’s a little taste of the launch fun!

In addition, Kickstarter is the perfect place for those of you who wish to chat, discuss, and offer suggestions as development rounds this last corner. You get be there and take part in the final stages of development. So, the sooner you pledge, the better your chances of positively effecting the development of Bio-Logic. So come on down and keep those eyes peeled as Bio-Logic begins to unfold before all our very eyes.